Prime Shipping Foundation
World's first token
for shipping industry
Prime Shipping Foundation piloted blockchain payment system.
Vessel carried 3,000 tons from Rostov to Samsun in December.
Market opportunity
Throughout the last century the shipping industry has seen a general trend of increases in total trade volume. Increasing industrialization and the liberalization of national economies have fueled free trade and a growing demand for consumer products.
80% of market

80% of world trade is carried
by the international shipping industry.

> 50,000 ships

Over 50 000 merchant ships trading internationally, transporting every
kind of cargo.

Dead-weight capacity of the world commercial fleet was 1.86 billion dead-weight tons (dwt) in early 2017, worth $829 billion.

10.3 billion ton

Total volumes reached 10.3 billion tons, reflecting the addition of over 260 million
tons of cargo.
What we do
We are developing the cross-border blockchain powered payment system for marine shipping industry that's easier and faster than what's available now, disrupting
the way B2B payments are handled.
Prime Payment System
Next-generation processing service for settling instant transactions based on blockchain. Prime Payment service uses the same name as the currency token PRIME, created on the basis of the Ethereum ERC20 standard.
Prime Crypto Bank
Prime Crypto Bank will be free to open accounts for entrepreneurs of PRIME token. The bank will also work with the EUR / USD, so organizations can conduct business using the fiat settlements (settlement and cash services) only within one bank.
Prime Exchange
Developed for the exchange of USD, EUR, BTC, ETH into PRIME and back. Other popular fiat currency and cryptocurrency pairs will be implemented in the future.
Prime Shipping Platform
Matching engine to pair "cargo and carrier" and applying the mechanism of smart contracts for processing escrow in a distributed registry. Each smart contract will store the characteristics of the transaction: the number of PRIME tokens, destination, origin, type of cargo, tonnage, date of shipment.
Prime Investment Fund
For investors interested in a passive income with minimal risk, and for storing raised during ICO fiat funds is planned to create an automated hedge fund.
World's first payment system for business customers, small and big corporations, participating in the marine shipping market. Our payment provider uses our own cryptocurrency PRIME and integrates with our crypto bank and exchange.
Prime for business
Our goal is to create an international B2B payment ecosystem for shipping.
Transfers of funds between participants in the supply chain may not reach the addressee, and thus be returned to the sender. The delay in crediting funds to beneficiaries' accounts, even under the most favorable conditions, can reach an excess of 20 days.
Even a single transaction through partner banks can reach several hundred dollars. Multiplying with a large number of transactions, significantly affects the margins of companies.
Don't wait a week for payment
Don't pay 1% for comission
Say "Goodbye" to slow and expensive transactions
and welcome to the future of B2B payments
Stop paying banks for using you money
More than 50% of bank use a software from 90's. 34% of banks don't have any mobile apps. 22% don't have online-banking.
Delays in transactions form cash-flow gaps in business and threaten the company.
Don't suffer from outdated software
Don't worry about your business
Instant payments
We provide instant payments, regardless of the jurisdiction of the company participating in the transaction. Instant conversion of PRIME tokens with the USD and other currencies.
Transaction fee will be less than $1. Our payment system is the most efficient way to transfer money or settle contracts.
Intuitive and simple interface of online/mobile banking solutions for web, iOS and Android users.
We make strongly B2B product just for business customers. In our ecosystem we provide all services that shipping business needs.
Cost effective
User friendly software
Tailored for business
PRIME token
The system platform uses Ethereum ERC 20. PRIME token will be used as the primary and only currency for payment within Prime Payment system. The token uses the Ethereum network for deployment and subsequent operations.

Smart contract of PRIME token

B2B ecosystem as a service
Prime Shipping Foundation started with the vision of a technology-driven B2B payment processing which can provide B2B payments with significantly less overhead in the shipping industry. All our products are based on the cloud and store relevant data in blockchain. We provide online services with an interface via modern web & mobile apps. Designed for typical users and businessmen, not for tech geeks.
Token generation event
2,100,000,000 PRIME tokens can be sold
for $150,000,000 in total
Private sale
Limited round for accredited investors
Main crowdsale event
  • start: 15.11.2018
  • end: 01.12.2018
  • no limit for order
  • (max 2100 mln. PRIME for sale)
Token distribution & distribution of funds
Company products development

Reserve fund of fiat funds to keep exchange capacity

(but no less than $20 000 000) Securing the bank license and deposit

Marketing promotion

For team

3,060,000,000 PRIME
Tokens for owners

2 100,000,000 PRIME
Tokens for public sale

690,000,000 PRIME
Reserve fund

150,000,000 PRIME
Advisors, community, referrals
total maximum emission
6,000,000,000 PRIME

Q1 - Q2 2016
Establishment of core freight related processes. Concept development of ship pairing system to act as agent for freight
Q3 - Q4 2016
Concept development of ship pairing system to act as agent for freight. Establishment of internationally acting freight brokerage company.
Q1 - Q2 2017
Establishment of an automatic vessel tracking system based on AIS. Establishment of internationally acting freight brokerage company.
Q3 - Q4 2017
Core concept development, prephase of PSF.
First Cryptocurrency Freight Deal Takes Russian Wheat to Turkey.
Q1-Q2 2018
preTGE smart contract development, white paper and white list. Launch of private sale. Start of product development.
Private sale, roadshow preparation.
Q3 2018
Start of Roadshow, bounty campaign and building community.
Sep. 15 2018 - Oct. 1 2018
Preliminary Token Generation Event (PreTGE).
Nov. 1 2018 - Dec. 1 2018
Main Token Generation Event (TGE).
Q1-Q3 2019
Closed beta of Prime Payment system. Opening а Prime Investment Fund. Setting up a new office in Zug for a Fund and Crypto Bank. Filling Prime Payment System with 100 of verified B2B users. Opening an additional development department for covering needs of Prime Exchange and Prime Crypto Bank.
Q3 2019 – Q3 2020
Working on Prime Crypto Bank. Opening a sales office in Hong Kong and Dubai. Release of stable token. Starting department for a Prime Freight Platform. Closed beta of crypto exchange.
Q4 2020 - Q3 2021
Public beta of Prime Exchange and Prime Freight Platform. Stable release of Prime payment. Up to 500 of verified B2B users. Opening sales offices in US, KSA and South Africa. Additional 3000 users from foreign offices.
Meet the team
Ivan Vikulov
Chief Executive Officer
LinkedIn profile

Master of Business Administration in Global Management. Expert in the global raw material markets, leader in food industry, crisis manager. Executive partner of Quorum Capital Ltd, Gibraltar. Over 15 years of experience in international and transnational companies. Integrator of innovations in classical business models.
Brian Heinen
Director of Communications
LinkedIn profile

Connector, advocate, ambassador and strategy director of organizational and business platforms. For over 15 years, Brian has collaborated with an extensive network of multinational influencers, suppliers, and professional resources in Blockchain, Crypto, Bitcoin, ICOs, Banking, Procurement/ Supply Chain, Food Farm-to-fork value chain, Open Innovation, Retail, Tech, Gaming, and Entertainment - helping brands and organizations implement business community development. Brian was the Executive Producer of the Bitcoin Foundation´s Bitcoin14 Conference.
Jean-Jacques Elong
Fintech Director
LinkedIn profile

J-Jacques has over 10 years experience in the banking industry and over 8 years experience in the fintech industry from mobile wallet products and product development, acquiring services, prepaid card programs and decentralise banking services. J-Jacques has spent the last 7 years as Founder of a Swiss fintech company, SMARTLINK SA, that he started from scratch, obtained a License from the FINMA to conduct mobile payment. Today SMARTLINK, has more than +30 white label Mobile Wallets used by financial institutions worldwide.
Jon Matonis
Head of Advisory Board
LinkedIn profile

Jon Matonis is a Founding Director of the Bitcoin Foundation and his career has included senior influential posts at VISA International, VeriSign, Sumitomo Bank, and Hushmail. An economist and e-Money researcher focused on expanding the circulation of nonpolitical digital currencies, Jon also serves as an independent board director to companies in the Bitcoin, the Blockchain, mobile payments, and gaming sectors. Jon has been a featured guest on CNN, Bloomberg, NPR, Al Jazeera, RT, Virgin Radio, and numerous podcasts. As a prominent fintech columnist with Forbes Magazine, American Banker, and CoinDesk, he recently joined the editorial board for the cryptocurrency journal Ledger. His early work on digital cash systems and financial cryptography has been published by Dow Jones and the London School of Economics. Jon advocates worldwide for Bitcoin and its disruptive economic implications to a wide variety of
audiences, including members of the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, ECB, SWIFT, IRS, DOJ, retail payment networks, major financial institutions, financial regulatory bodies, mobile money issuers, iGaming operators, information security firms, hedge funds, gold investors, and family offices.
Phillip Nunn
TGE Advisor
LinkedIn profile

Entrepreneur, CEO and international speaker on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and fintech.
Phillip Nunn founded The Blackmore Group in 2013. Today it's grown into a business with substantial assets under management and a suite of investment products across multiple classes for individuals and institutions in the UK and overseas.
With more than 15 years' experience in financial services, Phillip specialises in wealth management, angel investment, commercial property investment and financial technology. He founded The Blackmore Group on the core belief of giving clients real and tangible alternatives to poor investment performance and providing "future proof" investment strategies.
Phillip has become a well-known, online influencer in the blockchain and crypto space and has travelled the world evangelising and talking on these subjects. Phillip has sat on the advisory boards of many ICO's over the past 12 months and has helped structure and fund some of the biggest companies of the future. Along with his business Wealth Chain, Phillip will be launching his own crypto fund that looks to invest in ICO's along with existing blockchain technology companies.
Alex Zavarskiy
Сhief Operating Officer
Since 2003, Managing Director of Ocean Inc, Ocean City, MD, Fleet Manager at Gals LLC, founder and managing partner of ABM Chartering, founder and managing partner of Interchart LLC, a high-level expert in fleet management and organization of accounting and controlling within the structure of international maritime shipping. 15 years of experience in the field of freight transport.
Edwin Carlson
TGE Advisor
LinkedIn profile

Edwin Carlson is COO of the London Football Exchange a global fan-driven football (soccer) blockchain based community. He has been involved in blockchain technology companies since 2013. Edwin has over 20 years' experience in financial services, including FinTech and Blockchain technology, and teaches the "Blockchain and Business" course to industry executives around the world. He has consulted on FinTech strategy for Bank of America, JPMorganChase, HSBC and Royal & Sun Alliance. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Computer Studies from the University of South Wales.
Malak Al Akiley
Middle East Advisor
LinkedIn profile

Founder and CEO of Golden Wheat for Grain Trading, Ltd., one of the main suppliers of grains to the Government of Jordan & Private Sector. She is co-Partner in Golden Kayan for Marketing Consultation Co. for Oil & Energy. Business Consultant in NearEast Group for Energy, Renewable Energy & Waste Management. Has been selected in 2017 as a Young Global Leader (YGL) by the World Economic Forum which is to recognize the most distinguished leaders under the age of 40, the selection recognizes the record of professional accomplishments, commitment to society, and potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world through leadership.
Alex Gogunsky
Shipping Advisor
LinkedIn profile

Senior Chartering Manager, Aquavita International, S.A. Began career as a computer specialist, but always loved the sea, decided to merge both favourite activities. Started as a ship agent, passed through all the steps heading to chartering. Presently Senior Chartering Manager at Aquavita International S.A.- handy and supramax desks within all the basins.
Core company group
Quorum Capital Ltd, Gibraltar.
International Commodity Trading company enjoying a high level of reputation and integrity within the cash commodity market. The venture was founded in 2017 with its turnover in value of the goods in Q3-Q4 2017 already exceeding 180 Million USD.
Interchart LLC
An internationally recognized freight operator founded by a team of professionals with over 15 years of experience in shipping and supply-chain management. Annual physically moved tonnage exceeds 500.000 Metric Tons.
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